Top 3 Life-Changing Holiday Destinations For December

Top 3 Life-Changing Holiday Destinations For December

Looking for an escape this Winter? Here are our best picks for an unforgettable experience.


December is considered to be one of the best months to visit all of India as the temperature has dropped to a very comfortable level and you can enjoy each day without breaking into a sweat. Delhi is going to be your first port of call as you fly into India and you are straight away launched into the hustle and bustle of a vibrant city with an excellent street food culture. Money will be burning a hole in your pocket as you wander through the market stalls of Chandni Chowk, the smells of freshly cooked poori and hole inviting you to stand and eat until you are full with the flavours of the city. If you need a break from the city living and want a countryside retreat, there are many beautiful places to stay just outside of the city in rural Delhi, giving you the chance to sample local life in a more immersive way.

On the Delhi to Mumbai railway line is the former hunting grounds of the Maharaja called Ramthambore Forte with its tiger reserve, marsh crocodiles, and leopards there to spot on their safari trips. The Padam Talao Lake is known for its abundance of waterlilies and is the perfect peace spot to sit and daydream. History buffs will love a visit to the 10-century Rathamboe Fort, on a hilltop with the Ganesh Mandir temple.

Jaipur or otherwise nicknamed “The Pink City” due to it having been painted pink to celebrate the Royal Family of Great Britain’s visit in 1876, it is the calmer sister to Delhi’s more frenetic energy. This city has many undiscovered areas just waiting to be uncovered by you and you will get an exclusive peek into authentic Indian city living. Taking a trip up to the Nahargarh fort timing it for sunset will be a sight that you will never forget, watching the red sun making the pink city glow and awakening the romantic in all of us.


South Africa

Cape Town is a cultural hub and is drawing more and more tourists with its diverse range of things to do. With an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and 11 hours of daylight ending with beautiful sunsets that require no editing if you are a budding photographer, it’s great for a Winter escape. Table Mountain has to be on almost everybody’s bucket list and if you are a keen hiker you can stride up to it’s summit to admire the view, but don’t worry there is also a cable car for if you are wanting to catch the views as you ascend. There is a great nightlife here with many excellent restaurants to choose from.

If you feel like immersing yourself in the adventure of the savannah then the world famous Kruger National Park will be calling to you as soon as you arrive. With the prospect of early morning safaris to spot lions and possibly the rare rhinos, you simply can’t miss this opportunity!


New Zealand

Although still a very sunny destination, this country is ideal for those who want to get away but have slightly cooler temperatures. Be sure to pack some light jackets, ready to enjoy the stunning greenery that only comes from this climate.

On South Island is the must-visit city Queenstown. With many expats settling here for their 1-2 year visas you can certainly see why with its diverse culture and abundance of adventurous activities ranging from bungee jumping, kayaking in the Milford Sound Fjord, hiking with breath-stopping views. There are also things to do for those who want a more peaceful visit such as exploring the many vineyards that produce world class wines, or walking around the beautiful lakes then this is still a destination for you.

in 2001 Wellington was brought alive with the world premiere of Lord of the Rings, a film that has received cult status amongst the movie community. There are many locations that you can visit as they filmed all over both islands, but if you want to have a more organised tour, then head to Waikato to visit the town of Hobbiton and a pint of ale at the Green Dragon!

Mountain range and Lake Wakatipu between Queentown and Glenorchy, Otago, South island, New Zealand

Wherever you choose to go this Winter, make sure it is the trip of a lifetime!

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